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By completing our ResoScope. briefing form you enable our strategists to understand your business, complete a core needs determination and pose solutions to any identified needs.

We appreciate your time and for sharing this important information with us!

What is ResoScope. ?

ResoScope. is our proprietary diagnostic framework that determines the optimal solutions mix. As a result of this engagement you will be provided with a high-level assessment and recommendations for future digital marketing efforts.


Our consultative, unbiased approach is anchored in:

  • Our breadth and depth of expertise
  • Our experience across a wide range of industries
  • Our solutions that cater for all levels of digital maturity
  • Our track record of executing successful projects
  • Technology-agnostic ethos
  • Our focus on ROI and transparency
  • Our data-driven decisioning
  • Our desire to be always transparent and operate with absolute integrity

Our ResoScope. benefits 

Over nearly two decades, we have formed robust methodologies that drive Remarkable Results for our clients.

  • Marketing gaps analysis
  • Cross-solution diagnosis
  • Frictionless consumer experience
  • Increased conversions
  • Increased ROI
  • End-to-end Digital, Single partner
  • Specific area of need focus
  • Data led insights + experience
  • Solutions your way

Our Approach to ResoScope. Brief 

A four-step process that gathers as much information as possible to be poised to make recommendations that will help you realise Remarkable Results.

Brief & re-framed brief

Develop an understanding of your business and its challenges.

Audit sprint

Structured mini-audit focused on your core request, but which also assesses broader elements of the digital marketing mix.


Mini-audit based recommendations that fulfil core needs and pose solutions to next biggest needs.

Scope of work

Scope of  work required to overcome primary challenge, along with additional recommended scopes.

Contact a specialist

If you’ve seen a product you like, you can contact us directly, or if you’d like a broader view, complete our ResoScope briefing form and our strategists will get in touch for a discovery call, core needs determination and pose solutions to identified needs. 


Stelios Moudakis

Director of Growth at Resolution Digital

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