Remarkable Results for HBF.

  • 47 %
    Increase in revenue
  • 134.6 %
    Increase in value per sale
  • 43.7 %
    Decrease in cost per click
  • 46.5 %
    Increase in click-through-rate

HBF told Resolution they needed to gain back their market share, they needed to get more enquiries and in this way more customers.

HBF’s market share in Western Australia (WA) has been shrinking as larger, national competitors enter the market offering cheaper, competitive Private Health Insurance (PHI).

Only 54% of people in WA currently have PHI. HBF wanted to target people who didn’t have PHI and people who are potential switchers, currently with another PHI provider. HBF’s original approach to display targeting was to address both broad and bespoke audiences with generic creative. But we needed to consider the fact that no one person is the same and neither are their reasons for choosing to purchase PHI.

How can we help you achieve
Remarkable Results?

  • Approach

    Resolution Digital, working with our marketing and data science team within Annalect, sought to track in-funnel engagements across the HBF site and use this to inform programmatically personalised ad creative.
  • Challenge

    Facing increasing competition and increasing media costs HBF sought to gain more efficiencies across paid media acquisition campaigns.
  • Results

    HB's new programmatically personalised ad creative not only saw much higher engagement rates but contributed to remarkable improvements in conversion rates.
  • Strategy

    Having defined and implemented advanced data-layer tracking we worked with dynamic creative vendors, CX strategists, designers and ad ops teams to identify, craft and implement advanced programmatic creative.

Programmatic Display Solution

The Programmatic Creative Health Insurance campaign, was a remarkable piece of work which has replaced all programmatic Display activity across the Health Insurance portfolio. By personalising HBF’s display activity to custom audiences we were able to drive cut through and increased consideration for the HBF brand with our optimised creatives. Programmatic creative allowed Resolution to develop over 540 variations to display creative, designed to speak to custom audiences. They used Dynamic Display Banners and Annalect Custom Audiences to ensure personalisation.


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