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About Resolution
@ Melbourne

We have over 125 people in six offices across Australia. Our Head Office is in Sydney.

A team of 20 dedicated digital specialists work in our two Melbourne offices. From here, they look after both Omnicom Media Group and Resolution direct clients.

Equip yourself with the latest and greatest in data-driven digital.

Hear from our staff

Upskilling is front and centre

James, SEO Manager

Not every company encourages you to put up your hand for tasks outside your area – in my case, SEO. But Resolution places upskilling and staff retention front and centre. Resolution is only going to get bigger and better as we continue to grow our data and tech capabilities. I’m excited to be on board.

A true ‘one team’ mindset

Matthew, Brisbane Lead

In terms of companies that practise what they preach? Resolution is the only one I have had the pleasure of working with. Our ‘one team’ philosophy isn’t lip service. I’ve experienced first-hand how the company empowers staff at every level to make decisions that materially impact client service, team morale and results. What’s more, everyone in the business is willing to set aside time for a conversation – from assistants all the way up to senior management.

Encouraged to get involved in worthy causes

Jazz, SEO Manager

Since the get-go Resolution has encouraged me to get involved in worthy causes like the City2Surf and Steptember. You know your company has completely nailed the culture when you love coming to work and getting involved – both inside and outside of working hours!


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