In a new world paradigm, where our goal is to reduce the number of people seeing irrelevant messages or the same message repeated far beyond frequency capping guidelines, we need to be able to identify who a consumer is at all points in their journey.

‘Without a unified view of a consumer, personalised journeys can never be truly realised.’

There lies a present necessity to comprehend the identities, not just interests of their customers.

We struggle to provide a consistent brand experience as consumers move from one device to another. For example you might scroll through your Facebook timeline on your mobile phone on your way to work, browse the web on a desktop at home, watch Netflix all day on your tablet in bed.

The sudden infiltration of technologies like smartphones and tablets, gave way to dispersed consumer data, no longer being contained on one device.

Do you know the difference between deterministic consumer identification and probabilistic consumer identification? Our data and specialists team at Annalect do.

Read this Annalect article to find out more >>

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