The age of self-service kiosks is upon us! And the trend is growing fast as we embed self-service technology into more and more aspects of our lives.

90% of shoppers aged 18-39 find self-service checkouts easy to use.

But why have we been so quick to relinquish face-to-face contact with humans?

Consumers gravitate towards convenience and efficiency, and in today’s culture of instant gratification, long wait times can drive us away.

We want to purchase what we want, when we want – and we want this journey to be effortless.

You Ordering a Big Mac with a chocolate milkshake on the side and checking in your three bags at the airport – these are just two examples of what’s possible right now with self-service . From the perspective of businesses, self-service kiosks are also an opportunity to take customer relationships beyond  transactions. When implemented properly, they can enable businesses to deliver extremely deliver personalised experiences.

Read this Annalect article to find out how >>

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