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Smart Data and Technology Strategies Empower an Omnichannel Approach

29 August 2017

“Multichannel” holds the reigning title no longer. Omnichannel marketing (in other words, a truly integrated shopping experience) has quickly become the norm and companies are racing to deliver a seamless experience across several channels, with varying results.

What used to be a one-stop or two-stop shop is now a journey that can span days, locations, channels and times. A recent study revealed that:

20% of people shop only in-store and just 7% shop exclusively online.

Think back to your last fairly big purchase. How did you decide what to buy and where to buy it? Did you purchase it online or in-store? Knowingly or otherwise, you may have been immersed in a complex omnichannel purchase where online, in-store, mobile and social media components had been integrated to become your single buying decision.

Since consumers use an average of six different channels leading up to a purchase, brands that provide a user experience and a continued conversation across their marketing efforts are more likely to succeed than those that don’t.

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