Let’s take a step back and look at some recent product announcements. Are they just fad, truly fashion and do they have space in our daily lives.

Digital Trend - Wearables

Wearables are selling like ice-cream on a hot day

100+ million wearables are estimated to be sold in 2016, and doubling by 2020 – according to IDC.

Wearables like smart watches have only been taken up by brand-centric consumers. Brands are now fighting to ensure their products end-up in our Christmas wish-lists.

Technology giants are pushing the envelope to innovate. Pivoting from utility to design in an attempt to integrate with us to appeal to the mass-market. Connected accessories will soon become the new household ‘toaster’.

Snapchat Spectacles

Earlier this year Snapchat launched first hardware product Spectacles. A pair of unisex spectacles their CEO Evan Spiegel first coined a ‘toy‘.

It’s about us figuring out if it fits into people’s lives and seeing how they like it.” – Spiegel

Taking the road of human connection (think the movie Her), they’re not trying to be a utility to improve our lives but one that they hope becomes a necessity. Have they found the magic balance between technology and simplicity?

Snapchat Spectacles - Glasses and Case


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