8,000 wins across 400 agencies in 2016. How did Omnicom Group do it?

“It turns out 2016 really was the year of data,” CEO of Omnicom Digital Jonathan Nelson says.

“The clients have been moving more and more digital. That’s a 20-year-long arc. …You connect that to programmatic and all of a sudden you see major shifts in strategy around data, programmatic and how media buying is executed.”

Omnicom Group incubated its data strategy within three companies: Annalect, Accuen and Resolution Media. Last year it scaled up two new agencies – Hearts & Science and We Are Unlimited – to service P&G, AT&T and McDonald’s.

Omnicom’s technology strategy is defined by an open and outsourced approach to technology.

“Generally we rent the technologies and then integrate them,” he said. “At first it was a small cadre of people, generally sitting inside Annalect or Resolution or Accuen, that influenced the decisions. What we’re seeing now is these data decisions, these technology decisions affect all kinds of companies.”

In this podcast, Jonathan Nelson discusses recent trends in marketer and agency relationships.

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