Brands are building chatbots to reach consumers – and using the UX and development capabilities of agencies to get there. But can agencies build chatbots for themselves?

Challenged accepted.

Our data and analytics arm Annalect has created Annalect Utility Bot Interface (or AUBI) – an internal chatbot that performs tasks previously requiring our data scientists to manually code data. This means we’ll be able to access Annalect’s treasure trove of data more quickly and easily. Our goal is to use data to validate or strengthen every nuanced decision we make.

‘There is so much attention spent on the application of AI with consumers. As important as that is to the future of marketing, we see greater more immediate needs to use AI as an agency. AUBI is an example of how agencies can use AI to work at finding the insights that matter.’

– Doug Rozen, Chief Digital Officer at OMD

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