The Trade Desk and White Ops have recently announced a partnership to combat ad fraud.

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The Trade Desk is an independent demand side platform (DSP) utilised for programmatic trading across display, video, audio, mobile, native and connected TV. A key partner of our specialist programmatic team OMG Programmatic regionally and globally, The Trade Desk platform powers our audio and rich media skins product in Australia.


White Ops, Inc. is a third-party verification service that provides online fraud detection solutions. It enables users to identify, track, and classify automated fraud in real time. The company also provides solutions for detecting automated or remote access by malware-infected nodes, including fraudulent information access with user credentials, identification of resource-based DDOS, and differentiation between benign and malicious client-based malware.


The Trade Desk will be using White Ops technology to scan every impression that we bid on, so that no fraudulent inventory that comes through the front door of The Trade Desk is purchased on behalf of our clients. This is being implemented at no additional cost to OMG or our clients.

The two companies announced that they will co-locate data centres in North America, Europe, and Asia, which will then scan every biddable ad impression in real-time. This means that when fraudulent traffic, or “sophisticated invalid traffic” (SIVT), is identified by White Ops, The Trade Desk will be notified, and then it will block the impression. The integration is for 100% of impressions, whereas most 3rd parties only monitor a portion of DSP impressions.

Any White Ops “fees” will be passed back to the supply side, NOT the buy-side. On this point, Omnicom Media Group will be putting strategies in place to measure and ensure that in the future the “fees” are not incrementally passed onto our clients.


We totally support this initiative and believe this enhancement will deliver even better results for all our advertisers. Identifying and blocking fraudulent inventory before it is purchased will add another level to our brand safety parameters, and drive media efficiencies.

We believe this will be one of many proactive moves across the programmatic ecosystem as buying/selling technology partner with fraud detection technologies. Adobe and DataXu, both major DSPs in ad tech, have fraud guarantees which could become normalised in technology contracts in the future.

While we believe brand safety is of the utmost concern, this benefit does not mean that The Trade Desk will be elevated to our primary DSP for each client. During the programmatic planning stage, it is important to understand the share of delivery across an advertisers’ audiences. Additional considerations such as frequency management, supply access, and access to a client’s first party data should all be included in a brand-specific point of view.

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