Build authentic relationships with influential vloggers & pay-walled content

Make brand partnerships with relevant vloggers a priority for viable product categories. Encourage influencers to be more transparent with their audience by clearly saying they have been given free merchandise to try but the opinion is their own.  Also look for product placements within pay-walled content

Find innovative and humorous ways to encourage branded UGC & reviews

Seek opportunities across social channels including Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, to get your audience making the content they love making – for you. Look for ways to encourage real, positive reviews as part of your digital marketing plan. For example, an option to leave a review at the shopping cart stage could appear for repeat buyers using retargeting technology. This would capture reviews from people who you know like your product.

Seek relevant virtual reality opportunities

Brands should look to partner with Oculus Rift and target relevant ads towards gamers. Tourism bodies and travel brands should collaborate with airlines to give passengers immersive destination experiences, via wearables in-flight. For example, Qantas showed 360 videos of Hamilton Island to first class passengers in April 2015.

62% of Millennial shoppers already know what they want to buy before entering a store from prior online research


78% of people watch videos online each week and 55% of people watch videos online every day


90% of consumers trust peer recommendations compared to only 33% who trust ads


Millennials trust user-generated content 50% more than information from other sources including TV, newspapers and magazines


2.5bn AR apps will be downloaded on smartphones and tablets by 2017 and will generate $5.2bn in revenue by 2017



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