Start testing

If you’re not strategically and continually testing your website, app or digital channel, get started!

Remember to prioritise and categorise your tests first, so that you achieve the greatest ROI.

Those brands that implement evolutionary design and constantly gather consumer data before making decisions will improve their bottom line.

Optimise all platforms

Don’t forget the screen tests – conduct CRO testing across different screen sizes and devices.

Companies are now designing their websites for ‘mobile-first’, so mobile app testing is critically important. Think about any other place that customers may be viewing your site too, like their fridge, in their car, or on their watch!

Develop user journeys first & aim for personalisation

Move your way through the optimisation maturity curve and look beyond simple testing after you get started. Develop buyer legends/stories/user journeys first as this will help you get inside customers’ heads and determine their real needs and motivations. Then, test to determine the accuracy of your hypotheses.  Aim for personalisation and invest in a CRO software provider that has this functionality built in.

CRO’s most significant growth market in online testing is Australia & New Zealand


69% of marketers reported conducting CRO tests in 2015, up 28% since 2013

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