Incorporate technology which can track viewability rates

This is a quickly evolving space with changes to technology happening rapidly so keep an ear out and discuss it with your teams. Although tracking viewability could change how much you pay for ad inventory, it will not lead to a viewable only purchase. Instead, the price will be reflective of the viewability rate of that ad placement.

Create bespoke content for online video ads

Online video should not just be seen as an extension of your TV buy, but rather as a separate channel. Content and creative needs to be more entertaining and engaging in the very first five seconds otherwise the audience will either skip or navigate elsewhere.

Conduct a technology audit ensuring you know your key criteria

Although a single technology platform solution is generally the easiest to integrate data, always be prepared to evaluate and test new emerging technology. At times, this can be in parallel to your current set up. This will make sure you are always taking advantage of the evolution of ad technology and not being left behind in this extremely competitive field.








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