Paid Search


Start using 1st party data in Paid Search

If you have access to 1st party data, which is eligible to use on Google Customer Match, a testing matrix of different audience segments should be set up. Work out which offline segments perform the best and, just as importantly, which ones can now be excluded.

Align your Google channels + integrate your SEO strategy

Look to move your paid search teams closer to where other Google channels are managed, ideally in the same team. Audience lists should then not be thought about in silo, but used effectively across channels. A simple example, if you have identified keywords showing product researching behaviour, then target this audience with YouTube pre-rolls.

Don’t forget SEO integration too! Leverage learnings and generate efficiencies through combined reporting and insights.

Select and set-up the right technology to allow for attribution

A full technology stack solution that integrates onsite analytics into the paid search optimisation reports is always an advantage. This will enable you to track full value of a click across multi sessions. Ensuring all paid media channels are tagged up correctly and any non-paid channels are accounted for within the website analytics platform will give you the full attribution picture.



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