Have a very clear approach to mobile

If mobility is important to your customers when they are looking for your product or service, seriously review your media spend and strategy to ensure that it provides the right amount of focus to consumer mobility. Obtain the services of a mobile specialist during this time of change as many companies are simply doing mobile advertising as their way to entering this space. Being ‘mobile’ involves a lot more than having a responsive site. It involves potential company structural changes, discussions around data capture, attribution and re-marketing for example.

Invest a small test budget in new and emerging areas

Think out of the box when planning your digital strategy for 2016 and consider things such as connected in-car multimedia interfaces as a way to optimise your local search strategy within Google and Apple Maps. Learn fast and before your competitors get involve.

Ensure your business is set-up to provide personalised experiences

Now is the time for marketing departments to begin working as one unit rather than in silos. All forms of advertising need to come together with the main goal being the sales cycle and customer service. Have strategies in place to capture 1st party data via your CRM and DMP. Analyse this data and customise the experience for your audience and invest in systems that lay the foundation to link the online to the offline world. The key is to remember that you don’t want to bombard the consumer with information. Instead make it easy to measure sentiment and loyalty, plus match the behaviour with outreach tailored to the consumer’s wants and needs.

60% of viewing is now on mobile devices


60% of digital ad spend will be with mobile in 2016


79% of Australians now own a smartphone


56% YoY growth for streaming services globally



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