Google Analytics: 360 Suite Policies

Google has made an improvement to the Suite, as requested by the users. The User Policies feature has been added which allows administrators to have better control of users that have access to their corporate data.

Find the full article here: 360 Suite Policies

Data Studio: Free for Everyone

Previously, users that were using Data Studio for free only had a 5 report limit. Google has announced that the limit is being removed, and users can now create as many reports as they wish for free.

Find the full article here: Data Studio is Free for Everyone


Data Studio: Enhanced AdWords MCC Support

Google has released an enhanced AdWords connector in Data Studio, which allows selection of MCC sub-accounts and permits users to set up reports for accounts containing numerous sub-account currencies. This feature would be beneficial to third-party advertisers (agencies or marketing professionals).

Find the full article here: Enhanced AdWords MCC Support


Data Studio: Search Console Connector

Google Search Console is a powerful tool that is used by marketing professionals to understand how Google views their website. It can also be used to optimise performance of the website in search results.

Google has released an update which allows you to feed in your Search Console data into your reports in Data Studio. It is now possible to integrate this data source with others (not possible previously), and could be very beneficial to marketers, as it feeds in data from various sources into a single report.

Find the full article here: Search Console Connector

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