Following the latest announcement by Google, advertisers have been advised that Mobile App Install campaigns will cease to exist, with Google instead focussing efforts towards Universal App Campaigns.

The change means that any campaigns targeting the keyword-led app install campaigns will no longer serve after a 3-month phase out period.

What are Universal App Campaigns?

These campaigns leverage machine learning to target the most relevant audience according to the goal in question, and have launched now in three incarnations.

The latest version of the UAC (V3) has also now been launched following alpha state testing, and optimises traffic based on in-app events, such as user registration.  The more refined targeting allows users to target a more refined segment of their desired audience, prompting higher levels of efficiency.

Why the change?

Google’s reasoning behind the change is to simplify the entire process, with UAC formats allowing advertisers to achieve both scale and acquisition goals via a single campaign target.

Additionally, and answering the prayers of many mobile advertisers, the Google UI will now support asset reporting, finally opening the doors for testing of custom creative.  The catch is that the metrics will only be available on the new BETA version of the AdWords UI however, giving indication that the transition here will not be far away…

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