1. Google Fred ?: Significant Algorithm Ranking Update

There appears to be a link related Google algorithm update occurring right now in search engine results.
With significant forum chatter & no confirmation from Google, it’s difficult to determine if this update is targeting spammy links, low quality content, or something else.

https://www.seroundtable.com/google-algorithm-ranking-update-23523.html & https://www.seroundtable.com/google-fred-algorithm-update-23529.html


2. Google RankBrain: Ranking Signals Influenced By Query & User

Gary Illyes has confirmed that Google’s RankBrain signals are influenced by a number of factors such as query, user intent. Location seems to also be another factor however this is yet to confirmed.


3. Google Analytics: AMP Pages Incorrectly Tracked

GA is currently facing issues with Google supported Accelerated Mobile Page tracking, witnessing inaccurate data for key metrics such as pageviews & bounce rates.



4. Google: Mobile Page Speed Vs Bounce Rate

Research conducted by Think With Google has identified that as a mobile-page load time goes from 1 to 7 seconds, the likelihood of users bouncing off the site increases by 113%.

Read the full report here.




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