1. Google Removes “Notable Online Dropdown” Feature From Search Results

The Notable Online Dropdown feature was previously associated as a mark of brand authority, providing users with additional site information. However with Google changing search results to reflect the mobile interface, Google opted to remove the feature completely.


2. Google: Mobile-First Indexing

As we all know majority of users are searching via mobile devices, however Google’s ranking algorithms were primarily desktop oriented. Google’s focus of serving quality search results to users, has resulted in site & app content being indexed by mobile-first.

Note: this indexing shift is still in its infancy however we expect a full mobile-first rollout in the coming months.

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3. Google Mobile: Testing “back to top” button

Although still in beta stages, Google is testing yet another mobile feature. The “back to top” button reflects the previous update which highlights Google’s desire to provide users a positive mobile experience.



4. Google Home Converts Voice Answers into Clickable Links

Maintaining dominance over desktop and mobile devices, Google is now setting their sights on hands-free search, focusing on household devices. Google Home voice assistant in conjunction with the Google Home companion app provides users with a voice answer, whilst the app sends a link to the online source of that answer.


5. Google: Penguin 4.0 Is A Necessary & Positive Improvement

Google’s recent Penguin 4.0 update devalues links rather than penalising the entire site, updates in real time and is embedded within Google’s core algorithm. This update  not only promotes users to link more freely, but as also displays implemented changes much faster – the algorithm allows Google to discover links whilst crawling your site.


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