1. Google Search Console: Drops Feature Phone Crawl & Error Report

Google are no longer supporting feature phones (mobiles circa 2007), stating “most websites don’t provide feature phone compatible content”.


2. Google Search Console: Drops Content Keywords

Due to features such as Search Analytics and Fetch, Google have opted to remove Content Keywords stating that users were often confused about the keywords listed.


3. Google: Local 3-Pack Lowers Search Result Position

Google are currently testing a new position for the local 3-pack.
If implemented this would diminish the local packs page prominence & even negatively impact organic search, as results would appear further down the page.


4. Google: Machine Learning How To Write Featured Snippet Descriptions

The newly released “sentence compression algorithms” are able to understand & create featured snippets.
Basically Google are using machine learning to identify content on the web, extract specific key pieces of information and provide users with the best answers to their queries.


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