1. Google Search Console: New Property Set Feature.

New functionality of GSC’s property set enables users to monitor mobile usability, AMP & rich card implementation, hreflang markup and more!

https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2016/12/enhancing-property-sets-to-cover-more.html /

2. Google: Tools Which Send Automatic Queries To Google May Be Penalised.

Gary Illyes has recently stated that tools & online services which scrape Google for data (i.e. ranking and/or indexing) may not abide by Google’s terms of service guidelines, and could be penalised in the form of a temporary IP ban or tool dismantlement.


3. Emoji Spotted in Google Shopping URL.

Back in 2015 stopped displaying emoji symbols in search engine results however due to mobile’s dominance it was re-introduced, and is even now appearing in Google Shopping URLs.

URL Capture

This will be an interesting trend to keep a watchful eye on.


4. Google My Business: Introduces Image Insights.

Google My Business has introduced a new image metric which shows webmasters the number of images associated with their listing and how often those images are viewed in comparison to similar businesses.


5. Google: Images To Use Product Schema Markup

Google has stated that product schema markup can be used in image search results, providing users with information such as price, availability and reviews.



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