1. Google Search Console: Switch To HTTPS If Site Utilises Login Forms

Sites that collect passwords, credit card details or other sensitive information, and whom still utilise HTTP URLs, will be marked as ‘not secure’.
This warning will begin appearing effective immediately.


2. Google: Ensure You Optimise For Mobile!

With the mobile-first index rolling out this year, John Muller yet again HIGHLY suggests you optimise your site’s mobiles pages as you would for desktop.
Please re-evaluate current tools/software to ensure they accurately analyse mobile pages in addition to desktop pages.


3. Google Search Console: AMP Report Update

AMP reports now differentiate page issues as follows: pages with errors labelled as “critical” cannot be indexed & therefore won’t rank in search engine results, whilst “non-critical” errors are likely to impact results and should be amended.


4. Google: Interstitial & Popup Update Live

Now live, Google’s newest mobile update will result in pages being downranked in search engine results if interstitial and/or popups appear on the page.


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