Facebook Releases “Live Location”

This new feature allows you to share your location even if you’re moving within Facebook Messenger for an hour at a time. Although Facebook has had location-sharing features before, it only allowed you to share a static point on the map. Now you can move around and you’re friends will still know where you are (slightly creepy?)

Instagram Rolls Out Sensitive Content Filters and Authentication

To further Instagram’s goal of building a safe environment, they are introducing a new tool to add an extra layer of security that warns about sensitive content. They are also adding a Two-Factor Authentication tool that requires a code every time you log in to maximise overall security on the app.

Instagram Announces New option to Save Live Broadcasts

Instagram’s announcement appeals more to the Snapchat crowd and provide more intimacy and privacy. After the live broadcast simply tap save in the top right corner. Only the video will be saved, not the engagement, number of views etc.

Facebook Live via Desktop Rolls Out Globally

All users around the world can now “seamlessly share their screens, insert graphics, switch cameras, or use professional equipment in Facebook Live videos”. This feature is great for artists and presenters to switch between on-screen graphics as well as sharing tutorials and how-to Live videos.

Facebook Releases “Collections” – A New Ad Format to Introduce New Products and Drive Sales

This new format will tell a more visual product story, with a fast-loading shopping experience that can showcase up to 50 products at a time.

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