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Amazon Strategy

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  • Team members nested at Amazon

    We have a global enterprise level partnership with Amazon and team members who sit directly inside Amazon HQ in the States. These secret aces up our sleeve are key to understanding Amazon Australia and unlocking all its capabilities.

  • Proven Transact™ methodology

    Using Resolution’s Transact™ methodology we create omnichannel strategies that optimise your point of conversion for Amazon and other e-commerce platforms – a critical pain point for many brands. Our goal is to boost your average cart value, revenue per session and more.

  • Optimised digital shelf

    Our award-winning SEO and paid search team ensure your Amazon listings (just like your Google listings!) rank higher than your competitors’ listings. Resolution’s Brand Safety for Search service is designed to generate more positive reviews and ratings for your key search terms – to keep your products flying off the digital shelf.

  • Maximise Amazon data

    We take the wealth of data produced by Amazon and leverage it well beyond the walls of its closed ecosystem. Our programmatic and data strategy teams are experts at accessing this data, then weaponising it to achieve measureable ROI on your other digital channels.

What we offer
  • Amazon e-commerce strategy
  • Amazon media strategy
  • Amazon reputation management (Brand Safety for Search)


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