We have certified teams that measure the metrics that matter, and garner insights that take advantage of every opportunity.

Advanced Data Projects

Working with our Annalect team of data and marketing scientists to deliver advanced data projects for your business. 

Analytics Audit

A surprising number of websites' analytics configuration does not function optimally. We apply our extensive experience in analytics analysis to audit and identify opportunities.

Analytics Configuration

Our team of technical analytics experts ensure that your analytics are efficiently configured to track people and their interactions across your digital properties.

Analytics Dashboarding & Reporting

The delivery of insights on the fly is essential in today's fast-paced business environment, insightful reports and analytics dashboards empower quick analysis and action.

Analytics Data Collection Strategy

Analytics are essential to track and analyse the real performance of digital channels. We form sound strategies that ensure the right data is identified and tracked.

Analytics KPI & Metric Setting

Determining the metrics that matter and the related benchmarks are essential to measure success.

Analytics Support & Maintenance

As digital properties evolve, so should the analytics configuration to ensure that nothing falls off the radar and are tracking new implementations.

Google Analytics 360

We are a Google 360 Preferred Sales Partner and work closely with clients and Google to get the most out of our clients GA360 instances.