Our highly trained Analysts are skilled in a wide range of statistical approaches to solve complex business challenges that lead to better decision making.

Custom Behavioural Segmentation

If more personalised marketing is required, brands need to know their customers and potential customers more personally. This modelling provides brands with a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour, their choice of media and selection of products.

Marketing Mix Modelling

How much should I spend to achieve my long-term goals and where? How do external factors impact my business? Our Data Scientists work these challenges out through bespoke and complex modelling projects that lead to more accurate scenario planning.

Multi-touchpoint Digital Attribution

Understand the "hidden" value of digital channels and optimise customers' digital journeys to purchase. Spend your budget on the right publishers by really understanding the contribution they make beyond the ‘last click'.

Television and Radio Attribution

What is the short and long-term effect of TV & radio advertising on my business KPIs? Resolution digs deep to find out which spots are more efficient and why so that even the most broadcast of mediums is proving their value and optimisation ability.