Level up with eye-catching cinemagraphs

Looking for a way to add sophistication and flair to your digital marketing campaigns? Cinemagraphs can attract the kind of attention you’re after.

Also known as living photos, cinemagraphs can brighten any campaign

A cinemagraph is a still photograph containing looped video elements. We like to think of it as an animated photo that can be used to stand out from the crowd. 

Competition for attention online is fiercer than ever before, which is why many brands have turned away from the standard image in favour of something far more eye-catching. The Resolution team specialises in cinemagraph creation and integration into digital campaigns.

Benefits of Cinemagraphs

The benefits are as eye-catching as your new cinemagraphs will be!
Be ahead of the curve when advertising on social media platforms
Encourage higher engagement on email newsletters
Gain social media traction with likeable, sharable cinemographs
Grab attention in a highly competitive display advertising environment
Increase click-through rates when you add animation to images
Position your brand as a forward-thinking industry leader

Our Cinemagraphs Capabilities

Our design specialists and digital marketing experts make a perfect team when it comes to cinemagraph creation and implementation. We’ll have your ads sparkling and engaging the audience in no time!

Here’s more about our cinemagraph offering:

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Approach to creating Cinemagraphs

Driving remarkable results.

Campaign Review

First, we’ll review your existing campaign analytics to establish a baseline and discover which of your assets need a cinemagraph makeover. We’ll provide a kick-off report so we can track the success of your new living photos.



Coming up with forward-thinking ideas is one of our favourite parts of the job. We’ll host brainstorming sessions and workshops to get the ball rolling. At the end of it we’ll have full design briefs for the creative team to get cracking on.



This is where the magic happens. Our creative specialists will produce stunning cinemagraphs in various shapes and sizes, which means you can use them across a range of platforms and digital channels.



Once your cinemagraph library is full, we’ll implement them for you and make sure your campaign is consistent across all channels. We’ll take care of all the tracking and reporting for you, too.

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We understand that a engaging digital content is key part to delivering memorable digital consumer experiences.

Resolution Digital is a full-service digital content production agency with a team of experienced content producers in a range of specialist fields.

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About Resolution Digital

Resolution Digital is an Award-Winning Full-Service Digital Agency. Our mission is to deliver Remarkable Results for our clients, helping them achieve exceptional ROI on their digital marketing investments. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, we serve clients across the region.
We have a broad and deep set of skills across all areas of digital, and from strategy to implementation. We have been providing digital marketing services to clients in Australia for over 14 years and service many of the largest clients in the country.

Why choose Resolution Digital as your digital marketing agency?

As is evident from our extensive range of digital marketing services we have a great deal to offer. Our services are executed by experienced subject matter experts.

Whilst there are many reasons to choose Resolution Digital, we have distilled the main reasons we believe set us apart and give us an advantage.

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