Commerce Connect™

Convert more quality leads and generate more sales with end-to-end commerce and transactional strategy.


1 | Get Considered

This step involves an eCommerce & transactional health check to understand your brand visibility.

2 | Get Discovered

Be found on the expanding digital shelf through various tactics including content and feed optimisation.

3 | Get Sales

Optimise outreach and media performance for optimal ROI.

4 | Get Loved

Amplify advocacy and positive sentiment about your products. Where necessary manage sentiment through explicit Ratings and Reviews management frameworks.

CommerceConnect FAQ

How much does CommerceConnect™ cost?

The cost varies based on your specific needs.

Is CommerceConnect™ right for my business?

If you drive sign-ups, leads or sell anything online CommerceConnect™ is for you! The resulting transactional strategy will identify the places you should appear on and how you need to win at engaging consumers to increase your overall performance.

Is it mandatory to execute all 4 phases of CommerceConnect ™?

Not at all. If you already have the elements that make up "Get CONSIDERED" or "Get DISCOVERED" covered, we can likely proceed with other features supported by your data.

We have a small team with limited time; will you require a lot of our time?

CommerceConnect™ was developed specifically to help stretched teams assess their transactional and eCommerce capabilities, especially beyond their owned properties. Once briefed we take on the work to deliver clear solutions to your transactional and eCommerce needs.