Resolution understands that not all business challenges and opportunities are the same and often a more bespoke solution is needed. The Consulting Team will pull together the right mix of expertise across the Omnicom Media Group to get the right outcome.


1 | Scoping

Understand the business requirements through initial scoping meetings with relevant stakeholders.

2 | Proposal

Put together a proposal of consulting services including resource, time and deliverables.

3 | Consultation

Use the most experienced and qualified team to deliver the required consulting work.

4 | Implementation

Implement any work required off the back of the recommendations and manage the process so that results get seen. Too often this is where Consulting firms fail and where we look at a real advantage in being a full-service agency with certified and award-winning activation teams.

Consulting FAQ

What benefit/s will Consulting bring to my business

The most mature brands in Australia and New Zealand report significant benefits from data-driven marketing, with an average incremental increase of 15% in revenue impact and 12% in cost efficiencies. Source: Google/BCG "Mastering Digital Marketing Maturity" 2018