Consumer Connect™

ConsumerConnect™ is an advanced approach to performance media buying that is channel agnostic. It is designed to deliver optimal ROI through clear data-led media planning and real-time campaign performance analytics that empower faster optimisation.


1 | Discover

We reframe the objective in the context of a paid media specific strategy. Collation of all relevant data and insights relating to the digital media spend along with all metrics that assist in determining true performance relative to KPI.

2 | Envision

Develop an outcomes-based plan of media channel investment that is based on data and gives a clear steer of what to expect regarding results.

3 | Optimise

Ongoing analysis and optimisation of active campaigns that you based on more than just media metrics but the actual impact bought interactions have on your bottom line.

4 | Assess

Review of all data with the aim of identifying benchmarks and opportunities that would steer the formation of a sound data led performance media strategy and plan.

5 | Action

Develop and implement a digital media investment plan that empowers agile media buying with real-time channel integrations that makes live performance analysis a reality.

ConsumerConnect FAQ

How much does ConsumerConnect™ cost?

The cost varies based on your specific needs.

Is ConsumerConnect™ right for my business?

If you spend money on media ConsumerConnect™ is for you! The resulting performance media strategy and approach empowers unparalleled forecasting as well as real-time analysis and fast-moving optimisation.

We have a small team with limited time; will you require a lot of our time?

ConsumerConnect™ was developed specifically to help stretched teams determine the optimal channels and tactics that will deliver results. It results in a clear outcomes-oriented approach to digital media which is accompanied by a bespoke means of media performance analysis.

Where can I find more details about ConsumerConnect™?

Because every business is different the specific elements that makeup ConsumerConnect™ vary from business-to-business, for this reason, it is recommended to get in contact to discuss your challenges and needs.