Marketing ROI Roadmap™

Omnicom Media Group's answer to the increasingly complex marketing landscape, this solution is headed up the OMG Consulting Team and enables brands to roadmap their short and long-term projects to improve marketing ROI.


1 | Scoping

Meetings, workshops and questionnaires are undertaken to understand the client business, marketing goals and objectives.

2 | Diagnostic

Diagnostic of the current state, and gap analysis of key drivers that influence marketing maturity using our proprietary tool and experts.

3 | Analysis

Identify key strategies and tactics that will move the brand towards data-driven and customer-centric marketing.

4 | Roadmap

Develop a bespoke Marketing ROI Roadmap and identify projects to meet the objectives in the short-term and long-term.

Marketing ROI Roadmap FAQ

What are the benefits of having a Roadmap?

There are benefits to moving up the curve, but ultimately it comes back to improving marketing ROI. The more a brand makes positive improvements against the key marketing drivers, the higher their efficiency and effectiveness and the lower the wastage regarding media spend used to reach consumers that aren't likely to convert, thus driving a higher marketing ROI. Remember that you need to execute the Roadmap though!

We have a small team with limited time, will you require a lot of our time?

The Marketing ROI Roadmap™ and coinciding tools were developed to help both small and large marketing teams gain a better understanding of their current and the desired state of their marketing maturity. We have a range of options regarding how to make the diagnostic stage and deliverables less time and resource intensive but still useful.

How much does the Marketing ROI Roadmap™ cost?

The cost varies based on your specific needs, and we scope the project accordingly. As mentioned above, we can do light versions of the diagnostic and deliverables that provide guidance.

When should I do this?

The answer is now of course! But we understand that you can't do everything at once. We believe this works best when the business is having conversations about being more data-driven and customer-centric. Before you start investing in a whole bunch of technologies, do the exercise that helps the business stakeholders understand why.