Our Culture
Nurturing Remarkable People

Our Mantra

Central to our culture is our People. It's been guiding RESO since our Australian operations launched in 2006. They’ve allowed us to nurture remarkable people in this fast-paced but exciting digital and media industry. With this approach, we are a more flexible, fun, agile, innovative, collaborative and remarkable organisation.

Our Values

When you have remarkable people, they are motivated to do remarkable work, which results in happy clients.

Results  Driven :: Pursue Wow ::

We encourage and reward ‘little wows'. These are small and achievable ways we can improve Resolution Digital, be it through effective client campaigns or smarter ways of working. It's all about being proactive, not reactive.
Energetic Approach :: Radiate Not Drain ::

Resolution employees are people who "switch on the light" when they enter a meeting. We are kind, warm and full of life. We're passionate about what we do, and this enthusiasm shows in our work.
Squad Integrity :: Better Together ::

Collaboration allows each person to focus on what he or she does best. It also will enable teammates to lighten the workload for each other when things get intense. Working as a team prevents burnout and helps support mental and physical health.
Original Thinking :: Voices Not Echoes ::

Lying beyond our comfort zones are both discomfort and our most significant accomplishments. The only way to become remarkable (our vision) is to demonstrate your capabilities.

Hear from our staff

Working at Resolution is an absolute thrill!

Avneet Gupta , SEO Manager

In the two years I've been here, I've been incredibly engaged in the work I do and have grown leaps and bounds. I've always been encouraged to take ownership of my work, which has allowed me to grow a high-functioning team that cares deeply about our clients. The work-life balance here is great and there's plenty of opportunities to voice our ideas, interact with wider teams across the organization and feel part of something big and special.

An agency where no two days are the same.

Karina Pike, Business Director

Working at Resolution has given me the opportunity to work with the industry’s most remarkable digital specialists. The amazing and supportive culture at the agency ensures we can deliver original thinking in a fast paced environment. I love working in an agency where no two days are the same.

Exceptional opportunities with top clients.

Bemoi George , SEO Account Director

Being given a chance to be creative, have ownership over what I do and work with talented professionals is why I’ve been with Resolution for the past 4 years. Exceptional opportunities with top clients, amazing work culture and recognition chances. Having our own tech suite (FlightDeck) makes us stand ahead of our competition. With regular updates and improvements, we can track what others can’t, and we are way ahead of the market. Looking forward to many more years here.

A great agency to work for!

Elliot Richtor, Activations Account Director

Resolution Media is a great agency to work for. There is a vast number of training opportunities offered to allow us to develop new skills & progress our career. Teamwork is something that is emphasised which has allowed me to meet and work with a lot of great people

A true 'one team’ mindset

Matthew Keegan, General Manager - Queensland

In terms of companies that practise what they preach? Resolution is the only one I have had the pleasure of working with. Our ‘one team’ philosophy isn’t a lip service. I’ve experienced first-hand how the company empowers staff at every level to make decisions that materially impact client service, team morale and results. What’s more, everyone in the business is willing to set aside time for a conversation – from assistants all the way up to senior management.

Happiness is a priority here

Daria Chernyakova, Regional Operations Manager

While life at Resolution is always fast-paced and agile, the company never compromises our happiness just to hit KPIs. What’s more, we’re encouraged to pursue training opportunities both internal and external – and Resolution is more than happy to support this financially. :: This testimonial was provided by Daria, when she was a Digital Executive. ::

Upskilling is front and centre

James Hanley, SEO Account Director

" Not every company encourages you to put up your hand for tasks outside your area – in my case, SEO. But Resolution places upskilling and staff retention front and centre. Resolution is only going to get bigger and better as we continue to grow our data and tech capabilities. I’m excited to be on board. " :: This testimonial was provided by James, when he was a SEO manager. ::