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Working at Resolution

We take a ‘people first’ approach to nurturing remarkable people – who are motivated to do remarkable work, resulting in happy clients.

These are our four values that guide the type of people who hop on the ‘Reso’ bus and make us remarkable:


R – Results driven: pursue wow

We encourage and reward ‘little wows’. These are small and achievable ways we can improve Resolution, be it through effective client campaigns or smarter ways of working. It’s all about being proactive not reactive.


E – Energetic approach: radiate not drain

Resolution employees are people who switch on the light when they enter a meeting. We are kind, warm and full of life. We’re passionate about what we do and this enthusiasm shows in our work.


S – Squad mentality: better together

Collaboration allows each person to focus on what he or she does best. It also allows teammates to lighten the workload for each other when things get intense. This prevents burnout and helps support mental and physical health.


O – Original thinking: voices not echoes

Lying beyond our comfort zones are both discomfort and our greatest accomplishments. The only way to become remarkable (our vision) is to demonstrate what we’re capable of.

  • R.

    Results Driven

  • E.

    Energetic Approach

  • S.

    Squad Mentality

  • O.

    Original Thinking

The Reso culture

Are you a Reso in the making? We have one of the lowest staff turnovers in the industry and that's because of our commitment to developing each and every member of the team.

Hear from our staff

Came back three months after resigning

Amy, Senior Talent Specialist

It’s wonderful to work with the greatest digital minds in Australia. The culture at Resolution is so good I came back three months after resigning! I just couldn’t stay away! And it shows in the great work we do, awards we’ve won and, most importantly, our office environment where people genuinely love coming to work each day.

Constantly challenged to be better

Brendan, Regional Account Director

We’re given fair and honest feedback at regular intervals. Our culture of honesty has seen everyone view the review process with a positive attitude. That’s an ethos that’s hard to build – it has to come from the heart. We constantly challenge each other to be better.

Happiness comes first at Resolution

Daria, Digital Executive

While life at Resolution is always fast-paced and agile, the company never compromises our happiness just to hit KPIs. What’s more, we’re encouraged to pursue training opportunities both internal and external – and Resolution is more than happy to support this financially.

Upskilling is front and centre

James, SEO Manager

Not every company encourages you to put up your hand for tasks outside your area – in my case, SEO. But Resolution places upskilling and staff retention front and centre. Resolution is only going to get bigger and better as we continue to grow our data and tech capabilities. I’m excited to be on board.

A true ‘one team’ mindset

Matthew, Brisbane Lead

In terms of companies that practise what they preach? Resolution is the only one I have had the pleasure of working with. Our ‘one team’ philosophy isn’t lip service. I’ve experienced first-hand how the company empowers staff at every level to make decisions that materially impact client service, team morale and results. What’s more, everyone in the business is willing to set aside time for a conversation – from assistants all the way up to senior management.

Encouraged to get involved in worthy causes

Jazz, SEO Manager

Since the get-go Resolution has encouraged me to get involved in worthy causes like the City2Surf and Steptember. You know your company has completely nailed the culture when you love coming to work and getting involved – both inside and outside of working hours!

Freedom to build my own team

Stelios, Senior SEO Manager

Resolution brings together a group of incredibly talented people who create a culture of challenging how things have traditionally been done – day in, day out. Global megabrands trust us and it’s incredibly rewarding to help them break new ground in digital. I’ve had the freedom to take ownership of strategies and build my own team around these requirements. Resolution really is a remarkable place to work.

Not your typical 9-5

Monique, SEM Manager

I’ve been part of the Resolution team as both a Brisbane and Sydney staff member. I have huge love for both offices and when I made the move to Sydney, I felt 100% comfortable slotting into my new role (it helps when you’ve already worked closely with half the Sydney office!). Life at Resolution isn’t your typical 9-5 because there’s always something different going on. And working alongside some of the best talent in the industry? That’s icing on the cake.

Develops people at all levels – from juniors to seniors

Alex, Senior Digital Manager

Resolution excels at developing people at all levels – from juniors to seniors. Our internship program is just one testament to this. Each intake identifies future talent and many interns have joined the company after completing their studies. And when it comes to more senior vacancies? Those often cascade through teams to provide internal progression opportunities for solid performers. Career development is a massive focus for the company.

Internship Program @ Resolution

Get a head start in your digital marketing career with our internship program.