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  • +158 %
    Increase in traffic from PPC channels
  • +76 %
    increase in organic website traffic
  • +60 %
    Increase in overall traffic
  • 400 %
    In additional investment through Resolution

Resolution partnered with Vistar to launch Leap In!'s first ever programmatic out of home campaign, utilising the tool to help them drive growth in a competitive market through better buying.

Leap in! was the trial account for the first Programmatic Out of Home (DOOH) campaign for Resolution in Australia using Vistar, potentially the first through any DSP.

As an organisation Leap In! has a unique challenge in reaching their target consumer, people with a disability or their carers, because traditional media channels aren't able to efficiently reach them without significant wastage.

To tackle this challenge we opted to invest in a targeted programmatic out of home campaign, helping Leap In! to test Vistar and it's ability to drive growth in brand awareness in the expensive metropolitan Sydney market.

The results of this campaign acted as a great validation of programmatic out of home, driving clear uplift once live with very few other supporting channels or drivers in market.

How can we help you achieve Remarkable Results?

  • Challenge

    • Boost brand awareness in a highly valuable but competitive geo (Sydney), ideally leading to a measurable uplift in site traffic for the brand.

    • Leap In!'s first foray into Programmatic Out of Home within a limited campaign investment that needed to drive results.

    • Traders needed to push the platform and partners hard to deliver rates which outperformed traditional direct negotiations.
  • Solution

    • Use of Google Analytics to track increase in regional traffic to the site compared to pre-campaign launch.

    • Regular communication with the platform reps to work through optimisations as well as provide feedback on usability.

    • Brief out Digital Out of Home reps for comparative rates.

The impact from this campaign is twofold.

For Leap In! the campaign was a success, driving a clear uplift in traffic to the website with a small initial investment and helping them to secure a foothold in the Sydney market. This was validated by search traffic which remained higher than pre-campaign norms and in it's ability to support word of mouth within this community which is an important referral channel for Leap In!. The client has since lined up another campaign in another priority region (Newcastle) with more scheduled throughout 2020-21.

For Resolution and Vistar this was a great use case for the power of this new buying method and the efficacy of programmatic buying in traditional channels like Out of Home, proving that clients don't need large trading teams to deliver great value for clients.
We achieved as much interest in Sydney in one day as we did in a standard week
Nicole Moy , Chief Marketing Officer


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