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New Era, New Name, New Agency Model: Debuting Resolution Digital

26 July 2017 2 min read News
Joint CEO of Resolution Des Odell says: “We know what works and how to make it work because we do the work. Create, Connect and Convert is our next iteration.”

ou might have known us as ‘Resolution Media’. Or maybe you simply call us ‘Resolution’. Introducing the next step in our evolution: ‘Resolution Digital’.

Our new name reflects our commitment to being digital-first – now and always. What’s more, it comes with a slew of new ways of working.

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Create, Connect and Convert

“We know what works and how to make it work because we actually do the work. Create, Connect and Convert is our next iteration.” – Des Odell, Joint CEO of Resolution

We’ve reframed the Resolution Digital team around three pillars: Create, Connect and Convert.

Why? So we can get creative asset, media, platform and conversion experts working better together to deliver genuinely integrated results for brands.

But our specialists can’t do it alone. That’s why we have multidisciplinary business management/strategy teams and project managers pulling everything together.

We call them our jazz musicians.

Klaus Germann, Head of Strategy and Mo Heidari Far, Head of Customer Experience have played instrumental roles in bringing the moving parts together operationally over the last six months. This includes embedding our data and technology arm, Annalect, further into our day-to-day operations. In the diagram above, you can see that Annalect’s rich insights and sophisticated activation strategies provide additional support and a competitive edge for Resolution clients across the full suite of Create, Connect and Convert.

Two new agile methodologies

To put our framework Create, Connect and Convert to the test and to work, we’ve also been hard at work refining StoryConnect™ and Transact™, two new methodologies centred on agile principles.

We use StoryConnect™ to ground our brand and content-focussed activity in consumer-centric thinking. Meanwhile we bring out Transact™ when directing specific attention to the point of conversion across channels – a pain point for many brands.

With the guiding influence of StoryConnect™ and Transact™, we ensure cross-channel and cross-agency teams test and learn proactively, and can implement swift changes when necessary. By delivering work in a series of sprints, teams then build on our repository of process.

The one certainty in digital is that change flows thick and fast. We take this to heart by aiming to spot new opportunities first while re-evaluating constantly our business, business model and products.


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Insights & News

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