A marketing automation enablement framework that delivers seamless experiences and improves ROI

Harnessing the power of marketing automation can be a challenge for any organisation. Our clients achieve success sooner with AutoMate.

Quickly realise ROI from marketing automation technology and deliver better experiences.

The rapid evolution of marketing automation has led to almost every marketer having access to automation technology. This ranges from simple email automation on Campaign Monitor, to advanced, multi-channel messaging on platforms like Adobe or Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

AutoMate is our solution for clients who want to save time and money, while delivering seamless consumer experiences through marketing automation.

This platform agnostic solution is a fit for all marketing automation maturity levels.

What’s included in AutoMate?

Audience Determination

Determining broad consumer sets for use in actionable audience segments.

Audience Segmentation

Determination and prioritisation of consumer segments to ensure messaging is contextually relevant.

Consumer Journeys

Nuanced, action-oriented consumer journey plotting that identifies truly engaging interactions.

Interaction Mapping

Determination of cross-channel consumer interaction points with mapping to relevant automations.

Data & Triggers

Review of implicit and explicit data along with the identification of actionable triggers.


Assessment and recommendations relating to automation tech to identify gaps and opportunities.

Automation Workflows

Clearly defined RACI and workflows to realise optimal marketing automation adoption.


Definition of metrics that matter, which enables efficient marketing automation activity reporting.


Marketing automation optimisation framework that dramatically simplifies tests.

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Our marketing automation acceleration framework.


Discovery and audit of existing marketing efforts, including marketing automation initiatives, as well as a category insights review.


Plotting of tech, audience, data, triggers, and content requirements for effective marketing automation strategy.

Journey Plan

Plot consumer journeys, plan interactions, and define the workflows required to successfully implement, manage, and measure marketing automation efforts.


Develop a prioritised work plan that makes marketing automation more efficient. From here, we implement campaigns and configure automated reporting.

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