Delivering operational automation of media buying

As the complexity of media buying increases, the ability to drive efficiency and give back valuable time to traders is essential.

SKYNET enables you to turbo charge your automation efforts


To truly automate workflow and process, a tool must be able to replicate the day-to-day duties of your business, adding accuracy and effectiveness.  SKYNET has been built for real-world scenarios under the guidance of Australia's leading media planner/buyers. The tool's infrastructure offers flexibility to customise modules and deliver solutions to fit your business needs, not the other way round. 

Our automation specialists are on hand to discuss your needs and how we can develop solutions to drive your business forward.

SKYNET is an operating system of integrated tools that empowers us to be extremely efficient across our media operations

MBA Generator

Our MBA system is an online application allowing clients to query and approve media bookings directly through an online portal.

Booking Portal

Booking Portal is an interactive booking system that translates media schedules into targeted plans utilising chatbot functionality.

Campaign Builder

Create DV360 campaigns at the click of a button using our campaign builder tool, which gives you greater control over your media buys.

Billing Uploader

Via direct APIs, our billing uploader tool takes away the heavy lifting of finance through automated schedule builds and line loadings. 

Pacing Tool

SKYNET's pacing tool brings daily automated reports and campaign booking data together to deliver a robust pacing solution across all major platforms.

Naming Convention Taxonomy

Auto generate your approved naming convention across all platform structures.

URL Analyser

Analyse 1000s of domains to supercharge your supply path optimisation (SPO) across display, video, and mobile.

Benefits of SKYNET

SKYNET will deliver time and cost savings, allowing your team to achieve operational excellence
Automated campaign builds
Investment tracking and forecasting enabling improved resource management
Platform and publisher investment tracking
Reduced account queries from manual errors and over deliveries
Fully accessible MBA record for auditing purposes
Standardised ways of working for reducing turnover

Talk to our automation development experts

Our team is here to assist with customising a solution for your business needs.
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