Resolution Digital Case Study Telstra | Leveraging Microsoft Advertising to improve ROAS

Leveraging Microsoft Advertising to improve ROAS.

Telstra saw a 700% increase in conversion MoM with Microsoft Advertising SEM.

Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company, Telstra, offers a full range of communication services including mobile service, internet plans, and entertainment packages. Every year, Telstra sets firm sales targets for its marketing initiatives. Performance is evaluated based on sales volume and cost efficiency. For Telstra, the search channel is utilised as a lead or order-generating channel.

Resolution Digital Case Study


Telstra engaged us to increase customer orders derived from their online channels. 

Microsoft audiece network

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Previously, campaigns with Microsoft Advertising were more cost effective than the leading search competitor, delivering a 51% lower cost per acquisition than similar campaigns on other platforms. Therefore, given the focus on online conversions and cost efficiency, Microsoft Advertising paid search campaigns provided an ideal solution.

By leveraging the Microsoft Audience Network, Telstra could reach a broader audience and pull in even greater cost efficiencies for their clients.

We leveraged LinkedIn Profile Targeting, a feature unique to the Microsoft platform, as well as In-market Audiences to build a custom audience plan for Telstra.


Telstra was thrilled and expanded their account coverage from one brand account to three category accounts across business segments.

Furthermore, Telstra made Microsoft Advertising an integral part of their Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy and budget, increasing the investment in their Microsoft Advertising budget by 200% month over month (MoM).

  • The most effective campaign programme was the LinkedIn Remarketing Lists delivering a 700% increase in conversions month-over-month (MoM).
  • In-Market audiences delivered a 5.6% increase in clicks and a 2% increase in conversions MoM (month-over-month).
  • BrainstBrand campaigns drove a 51% lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and strong YoY (year-over-year) return on advertising spend (ROAS) at 3,826%, compared to campaigns on other platforms.
  • 700 %

    increase in conversions MoM

  • 5.6 %

    increase in In-market clicks MoM

  • 3,826 %

    YoY ROAS compared to other platforms

  • 51 %

    lower CPA

“Paid search is an integral channel to help capture in-market consumers irrespective of which stage they are at in their purchase journey. Microsoft Advertising helped us navigate through this path with the use of their advanced audience targeting features leading to better performance.”

Robin Stafford
Head of Search, Telstra 

“We have absolutely enjoyed every step of the journey working with our Microsoft Advertising team, adopting new features, and learning more about the platform. It’s been an encouraging and enlightening experience which has changed our perspective of the Microsoft Advertising platform as a performance driving channel. The flexibility and impact of the Microsoft Advertising solutions means we can continue to test and adapt our campaigns to meet and exceed our business objectives.”

Hayley Monteiro
Activation Director, Resolution

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