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Award-winning Case Study: SEO-led content for Tourism Australia

11 October 2017 3 min read Case Studies
Tourism Australia tasked Resolution with making Australia more desirable by making the content on their flagship website more intuitive for the global travel consumer.

Their overarching business goal was to increase the number of people visiting Australia on a yearly basis. So they saw the need to increase the role and ROI of

Rather than relying on ideas alone around the most important content to surface, we deep dived into analytics and research to ensure we selected the elements that matter most to international customers.

By taking a robust data-led approach to optimising content (without sacrificing ideas and creativity!), we got SEO and UX working better together to meet consumer needs at every stage in the path to purchase.

Throughout our journey we uncovered the metrics that aligned most to Tourism Australia’s business objectives, resulting in our creation of a user journey with three phases:

  1. Dreaming – Encourage potential holidaymakers to dream about a trip to Australia by getting them to visit our site and view more pages once they’re there

KPIs: page views, unique visitors, engaged visitors, bounce rate

  1. Qualifying – Help potential visitors qualify their purchase by answering the key questions they need to answer before they make the leap and book, as well as questions which they’ll ask as they plan their trip. Things like: What is the weather like in each month? What’s the best time of year to visit? How much do flights and accommodation cost?

KPIs: clicks on internal conversion points, video views, social shares, volume of user-generated content, site search

  1. Booking

KPIs: conversion rates, total number of conversions, exit link instances

We then mapped the 5 different page types on to specific stages in the path to purchase and provided succinct recommendations to improve the performance of each type: Activities, Events, Facts, Places, Things to do.

Since the project’s inception, Tourism Australia has published 710 new articles and 50 new videos, with engaged visitors increasing 46% and leads to tourism operators jumping 350%, meaning substantial value delivered to the industry.

The site is used by one quarter of all visitors to Australia and is at a record high for unique visitors. More than 70% of traffic to the site is organic or direct. Another snapshot of success is the astronomical upsurge in page views on the ‘Things to do’ section, which has increased by more than 400%.

In the global Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) Content Marketing Awards, was awarded a Finalist for Best Content Driven Website. We’ve also been shortlisted in the Content Marketing Association’s (CMA) International Content Marketing Awards for Best Annual Content Strategy.

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