Optimising ChatGPT

Advanced ChatGPT Guide: Boost your results with Priming.

13 November 2023 min Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly influenced the way people work, especially marketers. Chatbots such as ChatGPT are becoming essential tools for marketing teams to increase efficiencies.

An introduction to ChatGPT and AI 

ChatGPT is one of the most popular chatbots which is taking marketing to a whole new level. ChatGPT allows for marketing teams to be more efficient and crank up their content marketing efforts thanks to AI text generation. 

What is AI priming?

Priming is a technique used to influence the behaviour of AI models by providing very clear instructions or context. For marketers, priming ChatGPT and similar platforms can lead to more predictable and targeted outcomes, aligning with specific marketing and content goals. An SEO specialist for example can prime ChatGPT to generate keyword-rich content tailored for specific target audiences, which in turn will improve content relevance and search rankings. 

With generative models like ChatGPT, the input you provide acts as a 'primer,' giving the AI direction on what kind of information or content style you're seeking intent.  

Why should you prime AI models

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, precision is key. Here's why priming is indispensable for marketers: 

  • Targeted content creation: Priming allows marketers to generate content tailored to specific audiences or platforms, enhancing user engagement. 

  • Consistency: By providing a consistent priming approach, marketers can ensure a uniform tone and style across various content pieces. 

  • Efficiency: Instead of generic outputs, primed AI models deliver more relevant results, reducing the time spent on revisions. 

  • Predictable outcomes: Priming reduces the uncertainty in AI responses, leading to more predictable and aligned content outcome. 

  • Maximised ROI: With improved content accuracy, businesses can drive better engagement and conversions, maximising their content marketing ROI. 

Optimising ChatGPT and AI

How to prime ChatGPT and other AI chatbots? 

Successfully priming AI models like ChatGPT involves a blend of clarity, specificity, and iteration. 

Here's a step-by-step guide: 

  • Begin with clear instructions: Start your prompt with an explicit instruction. E.g., "Write a concise overview of priming in AI for digital marketers." 

  • Specify format & tone: If you have a preferred content format or tone, mention it. E.g., "Provide the information in a bullet-point list, maintaining an informative tone." 

  • Provide context: If the topic has multiple interpretations, offer context. E.g., "Discuss priming in the context of AI and not psychology." 

  • Iterate and refine: Based on the AI's response, refine your prompts to get closer to your desired output. 

  • Use templates: For recurrent tasks, use a standard template or format for priming to maintain consistency across tasks and outputs. 

7 crucial rules for marketers 

Leveraging ChatGPT and AI platforms is not just about understanding them but also about using them effectively. Here are seven cardinal rules marketers should heed: 

Chatgpt AI SEO don't mix topics

1. Don’t mix topics in a single Chat: Maintain a singular focus for clearer outputs. 

ChatGPT AI SEO Iterate prompts

5. Iterate on your prompts: Refinement leads to perfection over iterations. 

chatgot AI SEO optimisation be specific

2. Be specific: Precision in prompts can lead to more relevant responses. 

ChatGPT AI SEO Use personas

6. Use personas: Personifying the AI can help tailor its tone and style.

ChatGPT AI SEO Optimisation Give Examples

3. Give examples: They guide the AI in generating desired outputs

ChatGPT AI SEO errors

7. Don’t assume ChatGPT is always right: Like all tools, it's not infallible. Always review and refine outputs. 

ChatGPT AI SEO Optimisation Instruction

4. Issue one instruction at a time: AIs perform best with undivided tasks. 

The future of AI

As AI tools continue to evolve at speed, we can expect further integration between AI-bots and humans in SEO practices, offering significant opportunities for marketers to excel their SEO efforts quicker than before.  

By staying informed and adapting to these evolving tools, businesses can ensure they remain at the forefront of organic search strategies

Digital Marketing services, including ChatGPT implementation

Find out how to best utilise AI tools and maximise their potential. 

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