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In CRM, Conversion Is No Longer Enough

8 February 2017 0 Min read Digital Marketing Strategy
To build brands for ‘nowsumers’, marketers must design milestones in the customer journey.

We live in a world where consumers have a big voice and can instantly research and purchase just about anything online. They’re rapidly evolving into ‘nowsumers’ who thrive on instant communication and gratification. And to be a leading brand in this (not so) new world, your customer experience (CX) needs to be heads and shoulders above the rest.

As a top-notch brand, you’ve probably got the basics down pat. That is, you’ve got great product, great value and a great story. But in 2017… it’s not enough to be great at the basics.

To gain a genuine competitive edge, we recommend fully and formally evaluating your consumer engagement strategy.

Your first step is to map out the path ‘nowsumers’ follow from awareness to advocacy of your service, product, brand. Each consumer comes with their own set of habits when it comes to searching for information, making decisions and purchasing. But by identifying the big bottlenecks, you’ll be best placed to spot quick wins (and long-term tactics) to enrich their journey to the final buy.

So why not develop a multifaceted consumer experience that puts you ahead of the game? It’s easier than you might think.

The challenge is to implement your ideas efficiently and effectively. And fortunately for you and your marketing team, you now have a range of solutions at your fingertips to help it shine.

Gone are the days of customer databases limited by minimal transactional data and email-only communication. Leading customer relationship management (CRM) tech vendors are now genuine cross digital marketing platforms. And you can use them to personally engage customers through their journey and beyond the sale – time and again.

While CX certainly isn’t new, it remains a huge priority for most companies this year. Armed with a CRM tool and clear marketing technology strategy, in 2017 it’s simpler than ever to provide genuine personalised communication and service to your customers.


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