SEO Updates – Google: Project Owl + More

SEO Updates – Google: Project Owl + More.

29 April 2017 min Digital Insights

Google has introduced Project Owl in response to fake news queries appearing in top search engine results, plus it has been busy with 1,653 launches.

Resolution Digital Google has introduced Project Owl

1. Google: Project Owl

Google has introduced Project Owl in response to fake news queries appearing in top search engine results. This latest algorithm update promotes authoritative content & demotes low quality (disturbing or offensive) content. Google has also updated both the search result and ‘Featured Snippet’ feedback forms.

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2. Google: 2016 UI & Search Statistics

Some interesting metrics released by Google state the company conducted 1,653 search changes based on 9,800 live experiments & 130,336 search quality tests. However it’s not known how many of these updates are related to Google core ranking algorithm.

3. Google: Links From High Traffic Pages Are NOT More Valuable

Google’s John Mueller recently confirmed that attaining links from pages with significant traffic IS NOT more valuable than attaining links from pages that do not get as much traffic. Although pages that receive more traffic often have more authority, page traffic isn’t a signal of PageRank.

Resolution Digital Google Links From High Traffic Pages

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Insights & News

Insights 1.

Google BERT Update - Impact on your Content Strategy

In late October 2019, Google announced an advancement to how they process search queries, utilising a model called BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers).
Insights 1.

Google Takes Further Steps to Boost ‘Authoritative’ Content

With the brand safety concerns surrounding YouTube of late as well as heightened awareness of misleading or offensive content online, Google has responded with sweeping shifts to some of its core products. In addition to increased controls and improvements to its AI, updates have recently rolled out to advertisers to refine ad placement on YouTube videos.
Insights 1.

Resolution Digital wins myPlates media account

Following a rigorous competitive pitch of five shortlisted agencies, Resolution Digital has been chosen as personalised number plates business myPlates’ traditional and digital media and SEO agency.

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