Social Updates for Facebook and Instagram Part1

Social Updates for Facebook and Instagram Part1.

30 January 2017 min Social Media

Facebook rolls out ads before videos. We can expect ads to play on Facebook before a video now, as the social giant continues to make a huge amount of revenue from their ever expanding video audience.

Facebook rolls out ads before videos

We can expect ads to play on Facebook before a video now, as the social giant continues to make a huge amount of revenue from their ever expanding video audience. Unlike YouTube, where ads run 5 secs and you can skip them, Facebook ads can be 20 – 90 seconds. They’ll be experimenting with this new format similar to the live video roll out.


Instagram also plans to introduce ads to Instagram Stories

New plans for ads continue to roll out for Instagram Stories, with ads expected to run for 15 seconds. Businesses can use targeting, reach and measuring capabilities to target the audience they want to reach.

Facebook releases new features in Instant Articles

New features have been introduced for media outlets to share their content. Starting today, publishers can choose a cover image or video and a few Instant Articles to swipe through.


Twitter tests out mobile alerts for breaking news

Twitter is sending some of its users notifications about breaking news events to quietly test out this new feature. The test has been going on undetected for a few months, until it was recently picked up by the horrific news of the attack in Berlin.


Instagram Business Tools to include Stories insights

In the coming weeks, Business accounts will be able to view the reach, impression, replies and exits for individual Instagram Stories. This is incredibly useful for businesses as they can create more relevant content for their audience.

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