The benefits of a Sitecore DXP upgrade.

05 December 2022 min Development

In the current digital climate, savvy customers with heightened expectations and increased levels of engagement have become the norm, making it necessary to upgrade your Sitecore DXP to stay ahead of the competition.

To stay relevant and have an edge in the competitive eCommerce market, it’s essential for businesses to consistently provide exceptional user experiences. By upgrading your Sitecore Digital Experience Platform (DXP), you are meeting the demands of the current digital climate and delivering your customers an optimal experience. 

Every Sitecore solution is unique and can be tailored to the needs of your business, increasing your Return on Investment (ROI). The latest Sitecore version is a full solution that provides digital marketers, content editors, developers, and administrators with revolutionary prospects. Sitecore is the greatest choice amongst DXP’s for marketers who are looking to employ extensive new data capabilities, whilst also presenting smooth, personalised digital and omnichannel experiences to best represent their business.

What are the benefits of upgrading your Sitecore DXP?

Sitecore has evolved significantly over the years to meet market demands and is committed to further improving customer experiences and engagement. The latest Sitecore version is an integrated platform powered by .net CMS, commerce and digital marketing tools.

Sitecore has introduced a wide range of new features in line with the digital needs of today so that businesses and customers can evolve their digital strategy.

The following are some of the key features from the latest version of Sitecore:

✔ Sitecore AI Auto Personalisation
✔ Integrate with Salesforce Marketing Cloud in real-time
✔ Sitecore Content Hub Integration
✔ Multi-system integration powers 360 degrees view of customer data
✔ Enhanced content profiling, and customer profile data for personalisation experiences across channels
✔ Horizon enhancements and improved content editing capabilities
✔ Faster and more flexible Headless development
✔ Value-adds for the Sitecore Experience Accelerator
✔ Marketing Automation, enhancements and more customisable EXM Templates
✔ Improved Sitecore Forms
✔ Experience Optimisation redesigned dashboard and enhanced reporting and analytics
✔ Scalable hosting with cloud to scale resources automatically and in real-time
✔ Faster and seamless deployment of webpages and marketing capabilities
✔ An easier and improved upgrade pathways and process

A bit about our process.

Updating your DXP solution might sound arduous, however the process is simple. We have tried and tested strategic processes to assist you in updating your solution.

  1. Discovery: Discuss and investigate the present system, challenges, business objectives and establish the best viable upgrade solutions

  2. Define upgrade path and strategy: Finalise new system design, requirement, test plan and approach

  3. Planning and estimation: Plan each step of upgrade, resources and effort estimate

    • Backup Existing System: Perform all the required system backup activities
    • Upgrade Execution: Run the identified upgrade execution plan to upgrade the system
    • Testing and bug remediation: Unit test and bug fixing, Integration test and UAT
    • Go-Live: Dress rehearsal, mock deployment and production deployment
    • PVT and Post Upgrade Steps: Post-production verification test and documentation
    • Development Team Training and Knowledge Transfer: Handover upgraded application and knowledge to the development team

Why choose us as your Sitecore Partner?

Sitecore is an efficient DXP that can fully support the most innovative digital marketing features and will deliver on your organisation’s long-term roadmap. We are a fully Sitecore certified implementation partner and have successfully created and managed several high-performing Sitecore websites.

We will guide you through a transparent and smooth upgrade process and collaborate with you to understand your objectives, present system challenges and provide you with the best strategy and solutions for the needs of your business. By partnering with us, we will ensure that your business’s security requirements are maintained to a high standard and give you the opportunity to minimise technical debt.

Furthermore, as a trusted Sitecore partner, we can assist you with comprehensive training on the upgraded system, and provide you with full documentation, so you can move forward with confidence and autonomy.

Personalisation with a Digital Experience Platform Agency

Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) are a modern form of CMS that enable an omnichannel journey messaging across multiple digital touch points. 

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