Winning On Amazon as a Brand in Australia

Winning On Amazon as a Brand in Australia.

19 July 2018 min Digital Insights

Although there was much hype about the pending arrival of Amazon in Australia there hasn’t been a great deal of noise in the market. Nevertheless, Amazon is here and with over 32m monthly visits and with the introduction of Amazon Prime, a subscription-based delivery service, this eCommerce force cannot be overlooked.

Nevertheless, Amazon’s arrival has contributed to elevating online shopping as a whole – and has prompted a growth in web-traffic post-launch.

According to Retail Doctor Group, one in three Australians is now shopping on and one in five would consider signing up for Prime with an additional 32 per cent still deciding.

Through our client learnings to date, we have compiled a series of points that are aimed at helping brands understand the ways in which Amazon can be leveraged as a sales channel.

1. Get the basics right

The First step is to get all your products live on Amazon. The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASINs) are created when the item is uploaded to Amazon’s catalogue. Once you have your ASINs, the next step is Item Data Quality (IDQ) optimisation. That focuses on:

  • Product page creation
  • Product description optimisation
  • Product image creation – lifestyle images as well as product packaging shots

2. Increase Sales Via Amazon A+ Pages

In simple terms, Amazon A+ Pages enable you as vendors to create rich content that best tells your brand story, supplementary product information, and value proposition on Amazon’s product detail pages.  These pages also help products perform better in both organic search on Amazon and Google Organic search traffic. 

At Resolution we can:

  • Create elements needed for A+ pages including:
  • Custom imagery to match the template requirements
  • Optimised marketing content to increase conversions with relevant call-to-actions
  • Creation of product comparison tables
  • Create rich content that includes your brand messaging as well as the value proposition
  • Recommend the right templates to use to achieve better sales results
  • Help you prioritise efforts on what ASINs need to be focused on first

3. Use the Brand Advantage Program

Brand Advantage Program helps you track the impact of your digital spends and provides insights on how to redirect traffic to your brand’s products or stores on Amazon. Brands Advantage Program can push traffic through your owned or paid properties to increase the opportunity for strong conversions. This is achieved using unique IDs to start referring customers to Amazon products. 

Benefits include:

  • Great conversions: high brand trust, your product is always available at a competitive price, fantastic delivery experience, millions of existing AU accounts with address & card details as well as thousands of customers’ reviews/rating, reinforcing the purchase decision
  • Ability to track campaigns: create tracking IDs to see how successful each campaign is (only applicable when linking to Amazon)
  • Consumer Insight: see what customers buy on Amazon, the entire basket (doesn’t include individual customer data)
  • SEO benefit: when you create a permanent link on your website to the product page on, the value and authority of your product page on Amazon increases, giving it a higher rank in organic search results

4. Manage your Ratings and Reviews

At Resolution, we have methodologies and frameworks ready to be work shopped. We can help you with your review response strategy and provide a decision tree that allows you to manage this in-house or we can do it for you or if preferred a mix of both. Ratings and reviews in Amazon matter a lot and a product with an average rating of below 3.5 would basically get no visibility in organic search and will incur much higher CPCs when pushed through AMS.

Need some training?

Our eCommerce team can help you win Amazon as a brand.  The training module covers the following areas:

  • How to use and leverage Vendor Central?
  • Why is IDQ the #1 priority everyone should be looking at?
  • How to maximise Brand Advantage to drive sales?
  • How to step up and drive higher conversion through A+ Content?
  • Clarify the PO Process and EDI Setup

For more information, get in touch with our Amazon experts.

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