Find the missing metrics you need to drive more efficient results

The Affiliate Tracker allows you to track daily changes across comparison sites for your own and competing products.

Competitor insights & enhanced performance metrics

Understand which elements on various publishers are driving higher performance with an aggregated dashboard. 

Comparison websites continue to see growth YoY. Typically, there is a lack of data provided from publishers. The Affiliate Tracker will cut through the uncertainty when buying media and allows traders to make the right strategic decisions. 

The Affiliate Tracker allows you to spot specific market changes that may have impacted results over a specific time frame.

What's included:

AffiliateTracker. includes the following features, from which a tailored solution will be developed based on your needs.


Increased metrics to understand which elements are impacting performance on a particular page.


Automated data pull and real time aggregated dashboard to allow for easy decision making.

Market Analysis

Further, understand the influence competitors' offers have on results and identify trends in the market.

Strategic Advantage

Pinpoint when the allocated budget should move into various placements or sites to ensure the most ROI.

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Enhancing your affiliate data


Identify the elements and parameters on a comparison site(s) that will benefit strategic business decisions. 


Combine existing marketing performance data with added affiliate data to discover on what influences various metrics.


Set the timeframe in which data needs to be captured and how it will align with existing reporting.


Aggregate data across various sites into a dashboard to further understand when the best results are achieved and what factors could improve performance.

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Resolution Digital shortlisted at the Festival of Media APAC 2021

At Festival of Media APAC (FoMA), Resolution Digital has been shortlisted in the Best Branded Content category.
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Leading the pack at the 2021 Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards

We have some exciting news! Resolution Digital has been nominated for SEVEN Microsoft Advertising Partner Awards for Asia Pacific!
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