Consumer Connect.

A market-leading digital media strategy and planning framework that drives growth and sales

ConsumerConnect is a robust framework that ensures digital outreach efforts are aligned with consumer need states across the entire user journey. It makes optimal use of available channels and offers measurement and optimisation plans in line with clearly defined KPIs.

Leverage the capabilities and experience of one of the world's largest and most respected media organisations to realise remarkable ROI from your media and outreach investments.

Reach your consumers in more contextual and engaging ways across paid, owned, earned, and shared media

ConsumerConnect delivers an advanced, channel agnostic approach to performance media buying. Through clear, data-led media planning and real-time campaign performance analytics, ConsumerConnect achieves optimal ROI.

What's included:

ConsumerConnect. includes the following; from which a tailored solution will be developed based on your needs.


Audience analysis, including an assessment of detailed, data-led segmentation that can be mapped to outreach channels.


Determination of channels that deliver efficient means of reaching and engaging your audience.


Assessment and recommendations relating to media technology to get the most out of best-in-class tech.

Data & Triggers

Review of implicit and explicit data, as well as the identification of actionable media targeting triggers.


Crystal clear determination of metrics that matter in relation to a clearly defined conversion funnel.

Reporting Framework

Performance media monitoring and reporting framework geared towards real-time insights and optimisation edits.

Outreach Optimisation

Paid media optimisation framework across strategies, media channels, formats, and budgets.

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Our proven ROI-driven performance media strategy.


We conduct a comprehensive audit of key elements of your digital outreach to determine performance and then define gaps and opportunities.


We adopt a consumer-centric approach to performance media planning that ensures channel, placement, and format are aligned to key stages of your consumer's journey.


Our proprietary ConsumerConnect™ performance channel plan is compiled, which depending on scope, includes content recommendations and creative matrices.


Reporting and review framework is defined, which paves the way for testing and optimising on the fly in real-time.

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