Online Bot Development.

Harness bots to automate key business and marketing functions

Bots can be used to automate everyday tasks ranging from media spend data pulls to advanced chat and service bots. Whilst popularised by the coming of age of chatbots, the uses for bots extend far beyond chat and can be used to automate a wide range of functions. In doing so, you’ll save time and empower people to use their time more constructively.

Empower automation with bot consulting and development

Resolution’s development team has developed custom automation bots for more than a decade that have served a wide range of functions, from basic process automation and advanced integrations, to automated workflows that streamline our clients’ everyday operations.

Benefits of Online Bot Development

The benefits of working with our marketing and creative teams speak for themselves.
Provide the immediacy your customers are seeking with the use of chatbots 
Increase efficiency by automating time consuming reports with reporting bots 
Expand your databases by implementing data bots to extract information
Improve your customer service with bots that auto-complete tasks
Lift team morale by eliminating jobs that can now be automated with bots
Save time and money by automating previously complex tasks

Bot Development Services

Adopt bots to execute repetitive tasks, offer consumers immediacy, and realise operational efficiencies.

Expert process automation and bot strategy through to development.

Customer Service Bots

Custom developed customer service-related tasks, such as triggered sequences that result in improved customer service that is fast and efficient.

Data Bots

Data extraction and committing bots that can serve a range of functions, such as extracting data from media platforms and committing this to owned databases.


Probably the most well-known type of bot, chatbots are automated chat sequences based on pre-programmed questions and answers. These can be enhanced with Natural Language.

Integration Bots

Bespoke integrations that leverage APIs in ways that form seamless integrations, which deliver operational efficiencies.

Reporting Bots

Bots that automatically extract data based on predefined criteria in order to empower automated reporting.

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