Data Led Media Buying.

Is your digital media buying led by data & insights?

Our team of digital media buying specialists understands exactly how to reach your target market while maximising ROI. All we need to get started is data!

Data led media buying helps you target the right audience at the right time

With a rise in the number of digital media publishers, buying platforms, and consumer touchpoints, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach relevant audiences at the right moment.  This is where media buying strategies based on consumer data come into play and help you maximise your campaign potential, delivering real results.  Our team of experienced media buying experts are skilled in delivering advanced, data led, digital media buying strategies.

Benefits of Data Led Digital Media Buying

Our team of digital media specialists are adept in using advanced data sets to maximise campaign performance
Increase audience targeting pools with advanced data matching tactics
Raise conversion rates by understanding, and adapting to, your audience
Identify behaviours to lead strategic direction
Boost ROI with holistic view of performance guides channel investment
Maximise efficiency by guiding optimisations with data driven analysis
Make decisions based on real data aligned to KPIs, underpinned by automation

Our Data Led Media Buying Capabilities

Our considered, data-led media buying strategies will help you shift from the ‘spray and pray’ approach to media buying, using strategies including:
Data Led Audience Discovery

Data Led Audience Discovery

  • Uncover the attitudes and values unique to your target audience to empower media buying
  • Reveal the purchasing habits of your customers, helping refine targeting strategies and boost ROI
  • Understand your audience's common interests and hobbies to better reach and engage consumers
  • Refine targeting, reducing waste by determining attributes such as education level, lifestyle factors and income
Audience Activation

Audience Activation

  • Integrate 1st party data to target and personalise known user journeys and reach incremental (lookalike) sets
  • Refine broader campaign targets with 2nd party data information, pinpointing specific user actions
  • Enrich digital media with 3rd party data to target based on attributes such as demographic, context, and behaviour
  • Goal based optimisation combines your KPI with audience data to maximise efficiencies via automation
Data Led Insights

Data Led Insights

  • Integrated, bespoke reporting solutions empower holistic measurement and optimisations led by data
  • Integrated reporting approach combines cross channel data, giving a single view of your digital media investment
  • Bespoke dashboard solutions align to your KPIs, enabling powerful and actionable insights
  • Real time solutions enable agile approach to optimisation for optimal effectiveness

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Approach to Data Led Media Buying

Driving remarkable results.

Develop Media Objectives

The first step in the data-led media buying process is to understand your objectives and develop KPIs for measuring success. The clearer the KPI, the better the outcome.

Understanding Your Audience

Using advanced data tools, we will assess who (demographics), what (the content they engage with and where), and why (the reason they engage with specific content) to target.

Media Publishers and Channels

From here, we align objectives, KPIs, and target audience with the right publishers and choose the right media channels to target them on, based on our data and research.

Data Led Optimisation

Once your digital media is running, our experts analyse performance & optimise based on audience behaviour and channel data to drive the best business outcomes aligning to your KPI

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