MarTech Capability Matrix

MarTech Capability Matrix.

The Marketing Technology (MarTech) space is daunting, with frequent acquisitions, re-brands, and little commonality in how the various marketing technology platform's capabilities align to a common user journey. 

This can make it challenging for businesses to assess potential MarTech and AdTech vendors or understand what capabilities to unlock in your preferred technology stack.


Struggling to understand the complex tech landscape in Australia? Our technology specialists have done the hard work for you! 

Our MarTech Capability Matrix features the capabilities of the major technology vendors used in Australia, including Google, Salesforce, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Sitecore, Optimizely, and Hubspot.  

Why did we create the MarTech Capability Matrix?

The MarTech space is crowded and there are many options out there for a business to utilise however not all of these work together or complement each other.

Marketing stacks expanding in breadth and depth across the user journey

The modern MarTech stack offers capabilities across the full user journey from Attraction through to Retention, however it can be a minefield for businesses today as the terminology used varies between technology providers. 

To help marketers and technologists assess the major players side by side, we have done the hard work for you and categorised each of the MarTech capabilities and aligned it against a common user journey.

A common user journey

For each phase of this user journey we have aligned the capabilities available in the modern MarTech stack.

More than $250 Billion in acquisitions from the major tech players in the last 20 years

The MarTech space is constantly growing and merging as new Marketing Technologies emerge, and the large players acquire new businesses in an ongoing battleground to deliver sophisticated customer experiences, marketing automation, and efficiency at scale for the modern marketer.

It can be hard to keep up with the growing capabilities, let alone the acquisitions.

On the second page of the Matrix you will find the relevant Marketing and Advertising Technology acquisitions from the last 10 years, and any key acquisitions from the last 12 months.

This information provides insight into the direction each partner is taking with their technology offering, whether that be investment in data, technology hardware, or vertical specialisms to augment and supplement their existing offering. 

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